Messrs. E.L. Zepf was founded 6 months after the end of the war in September 1945, by the foreman surgical mechanic Ernst Lothar Zepf in Tuttlingen. His attitude and conviction that know-how combined with ambition and hard work will guarantee success at all times, was self-fulfilling. The company has continuously expanded throughout the years since.

On 01.01.1966 the foreman surgical mechanic Max Müller took over the company. He continued to lead the company under the name “E.L. Zepf, proprietor Max Müller”. Until 1976 the premises of the old workshop were used.


After the new building had been finished in 1977, the company E.L. Zepf moved to the new premises at Föhrenstraße in Tuttlingen.
Due to the very positive business development the company moved again in 1987 to the location in Gotenstr. 5, also in Tuttlingen, where the plant area was more than doubled in order to have the precondition and be ready for further expansions.  

On 02.01.2009 the legal form of the company was changed from a sole proprietorship to a private limited company . The new name of the company since then is e.l. zepf GmbH.
With Max Müller Thorsten Bach (qualified engineer), MBA (UofL) joined the management as a partner.


For this company history of more than 60 years, up to today the following philosophy is in force:
  • There is no replacement for quality.
  • e.l. zepf GmbH stands out due to highest quality and precision, flexibility according to customers' wishes and 100% reliability. It is our aim to meet our customers' requirements constantly and individually.
  • In a relationship based on partnership to our customers and suppliers we are continuously optimizing processes and delivery times.
  • We see ourselves as innovative partner for new developments.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485