The quality of this handshake corresponds to titanium.

Quality level: Made in Germany. Small to smallest parts in the highest possible precision. Delivered as ordered. Exactly on the date we had agreed. A matter of course for us. We stick to our word.
Ernst Lothar Zepf

After more than 75 years: just like the first time.

For engineers, medical technology is the absolute supreme discipline. So many specialties. So many special requests. So many exciting tasks that demand the highest level of expertise. A fascinating profession! His enthusiasm for quality led the master surgical mechanic Ernst Lothar Zepf to take a courageous step back then: He founded a company. It was in 1945.

The founding impulse lives on at e.l.zepf to this day. In every product. In every move. Of course, some things have changed. The owners have changed. The machinery is ultra-modern. But the driving force behind the company is original Ernst Lothar Zepf.

Even on the latest high-tech equipment, craftsmanship is required. Before production starts on the machine, engineers develop sketches, solutions and production plans that have never been seen before in this form. Manufacturing for medical technology is as exciting today as it was on day one. Every day anew. Welcome to the world of medical technology. Original Ernst Lothar Zepf since 1945.



Engineers, master craftsmen and surgical mechanics with passion for the perfect solution.


When we sleep, robots keep working

Added value

Quality certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 since the 80's
FDA approval, patents, name rights

A head start in technology

A small company, but with a big head start in technology and expertise. In medical technology, it proves worthwhile to talk to the people who will later be responsible for the solution. As a contract manufacturer of surgical instruments, the name e.l.zepf stands for quality and reliability.

For decades, e.l.zepf has been supplying highly individualized solutions for ENT, spine, traumatology and orthopedics. Instruments and implants last a lifetime. And longer. e.l.zepf is at home in the opening, holding and spreading segments. Various retractors, needle holders, clamps and various forceps are manufactured in large numbers. The special quality, however, is in small numbers: in prototypes and custom-made products.